WHO WE ARE - how we got here, and what we are doing

Originally the premise of #EthicalWorld came from Aria Grace Law whose theory was:  if we could clearly demonstrate that by sharing wealth, creating a company founded on diversity and equality and equal pay, that a better life could be created for everyone and not just the "few", (i.e. greed is actually and demonstrably bad), then anyone, any business, any government,  could, in theory, follow the Aria Grace Law Model. It takes the best bits out of capitalism and socialism, and leaves the bad bits behind - we are all human, we are all trying to better ourselves, but we have a duty to our fellow humans, today and the next generations.


SO, how is it done? The Aria Grace Law model is really simple - it is possible to provide excellent (in this case law related) services at very low cost to clients, while at the same time enabling the workers (in this case lawyers) to work flexibly, in a way that they want, and where the workers get paid really well (90% of what is billed to clients) and after overheads (costs) are paid and charity gets 5% of the profits, then all of the workers get the profit of the company (according to the hours they billed). We look at Clients, Lawyers and Society as one ecosystem. This is the same for everyone including the founder. Proper equality.  It's transparent. In other words, NOBODY profits from someone else's work.


The Aria Grace Model is in stark contrast to the existing traditional law firm business model, where the few, the top echelon of the firm (mostly white, mostly men) are rewarded disproportionately to the many, the workers bottom.  The bottom (less experienced) often provide less of the high-value stuff than the top, so logically the top should get paid proportionately more. This is just logical.  What isn't logical is the eye wateringly disproportionate difference between wealth distribution, where "the many" pays for the Porsches and divorces of "the few" for the privilege of working in an environment which is not innovative, not new. It is sheer exploitation and profiteering.

The parallel between a traditional law firm and the way business is done in the rest of the world is stark.  So much wealth is concentrated in the hands of so few.  1% of the world controls vast amounts of the worlds assets (over 45% of the entire world's wealth according to Credit Suisse in their Global Wealth Databook 2018), with an incredibly high concentration in an even smaller percentage of the 1%ers. Yet the 99% keep providing more into the 1%, feeding the "Amazons" of the world. However, when something is put in to the 1%, (any asset, house, dollar, corporation) it does not come out again, except to be monetised. It is a  super nova, a huge gravitational black hole that needs those around it to feed it. 


These 1%ers, are highly resourced, highly organised, incredibly capitalised and are like a plague of locusts - they take what they want and leave nothing of value behind. They pay no taxes, and worse, like Netflix, take tax rebate. They provide minimum pay labour with no prospects of promotion. All they do is provide shiny stuff and suck the money out of the veins of economies and we let them. The thing is though,  we have not yet seen the impact of what they and we are doing yet.  We, the 99 are willingly creating a future where we, the 99, are giving away control of our destiny, control of our controls. We are allowing, in some cases pushing, the 1%'s agenda. We are willingly allowing the creation of a vast financial apartheid, with chasms that can not be crossed from the many to the few, from the have nots to the have's, from the slaves to the masters.

We concluded that the traditional law firm can not change and it won't suddenly decide to share wealth.  If big business, big law firms wanted to change, it would have already done so.  Big business can move at the speed of light if it wants to.  But it hasn't so it won't.  That is why we created a new structure.  Like climate change, we have a little time. There will be forums for it is really just a little bit of time.....