Join us and be an #EthicalWorld advocate

We have noticed too often that words about ethics become simply words without substance and action. The sponsor of this #EthicalWorld platform is all about action and wants to create, connect and promote individuals and organisations that are behaving ethically and working hard to lead in developing a more ethical community for the current and future generation.


Whether you are an individual or an organisation, you can apply to join our #EthicalWorld platform. There is no cost for applying to or being a member of this platform. The benefits of joining us are:

  • You will be featured on our website. 

  • You will have an opportunity to blog about your ethical activities via our website. 

  • You will have access to our #EthicalWorld advocates portal (where you can connect with likeminded individuals and organisations and find areas in which you can collaborate). 


Whilst there is no universal criteria on what an "ethical individual" or "ethical organisation" must be, we have pulled together certain guidelines that we expect those that wish to join our  ethical movement to demonstrate:


  1. You must be making a positive difference to our planet (either due to volunteer work or a service that you're providing to others).

  2. You must be considering and actively caring about people, animals and the environment.

  3. You must be doing something to help future generations (so not just thinking about the now). 

  4. You must be making ethics visible in your day-to-day activities (i.e. creating an ethical discourse and culture) and be a great ambassador for doing things right!

  5. You must be donating at least 5% of your profit to charity (where you are a company with more than 5 employees).

If you would like to join us, please email