Weekly #EthicalWorld Award

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

At the core of Aria Grace Law is to create a more #EthicalWorld and each week, we will be publicly sharing and awarding any person or organisation that is also moving towards creating an #EthicalWorld too.

Today, we want to celebrate Chris Arnold. Chris is a Partner at huge US law firm Mayer Brown and we want to recognise and award him for his actions in support of fairness, equality and basic common sense. For a moment, we want you to stop and imagine if you were better than someone else (in whatever discipline or sector) and were excluded for some prejudicial reason and yet this “someone else” was acknowledged and promoted instead. Nonsense and unfair right? However, would anyone really stand up for you?

Chris is one of those people that does stand up for others: he challenged a global legal directory, Chambers & Partners, for the lack of female lawyers that had been included in contrast to male lawyers in the capital markets legal field. Chambers & Partners did not have an answer why they had barely included any female lawyers. It is awful that this type of conduct still goes on – but incredible that Chris took a stand and called it out.

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