Weekly #EthicalWorld Award

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Last week we had the privilege of meeting Nick Gould who is a top lawyer and is the outgoing Chair of the SME Alliance. SME Alliance is a group of likeminded business people who got together to give a powerful voice to the many smaller disparate companies in the face of powerful banks.

They support, share knowledge, network and lobby with, and on behalf of, SME owners who have fallen victim to banking, financial and regulatory misconduct. Nick has been the Chair of SME Alliance for the last 4 years and has done extraordinary work for them and for ordinary everyday people like us! As he moves on, one of the most important things is that his work is seamlessly continued and not lost.

It is so important for individuals to have a voice. Large institutions rely on the fact that they are huge, scary, threatening, powerful and organised and people are powerless, capable of being intimidated and unstructured. Organisations like SME alliance give that voice power and we commend them for their ethical work and values and we are really happy to support them. If you would like to add your voice you can find out more by clicking here: or by following them on twitter: @SMEAllianceLtd.

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